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Label: FolkWorld
Release: August 2017

With two albums (Sons of Cain and Blood is the Food of the Gods), one vinyl EP (Sacrifice), one 7” (Farewell to the Sun) and an epic soundtrack-like collaboration (Mars Presents the Trail), the German Pagan folk duo Mars has created its very own and unique sound that lies somewhere between apocalyptic folk and darkest Americana.

The album The Seeker is about the spiritual quest of the seekers of true knowledge. This cycle of 12 songs sheds light on different aspects of the pagan world, ranging from the ritualistic via the mythic towards the existentialistic. With their powerful acoustic approach Oliver Freund and Marcus Stiglegger create chants of hope and despair facing an increasingly profane world.

For The Seeker – which was four years in the making – the two musicians recorded guitars, percussions, violin, and voices at the legendary Rama-studio at Mannheim. Guest contributions come from gothic rockers Holy Orange, apocalyptic folkers :Solitude Ravencrow:, and the artcore band Rome Asleep. Musical styles range from martial folk (The Seeker Divine, Farewell to the Sun), via classical apocalyptic folk (Rest of Your Hope, The Pyres, The Lore of the Seeker) and a doomy outbreak (Raven’s Eyes) to authentic pagan ritual music (Prayer to Odhinn). The artwork is based on the ‘Elements’-cycle by shamanistic artist Nadine Demmler and is layouted by Danilo Vogt.

The album is limited to 250 copies.

This edition will contain a full colour inlay, all lyrics, as well as a download code and a sticker.


1. The Seeker Divine
2. Rest of Your Hope
3. The Pyres
4. Whispers
5. The Lore of the Seeker
6. Farewell to the Sun II
7. Fires in Emptiness
8. Revelations
9. Raven's Eyes
10. A Wooden Idol
11. In the Balance
12. Prayer to Odhinn


released August 21, 2017

MARS are:
Oliver F. (Lead vocals on 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11; guitars)
Marcus S. (Lead vocals on 1, 3, 5, 10, 12; background vocals on 2, 6, 9; percussion and drums; sampling and sounds)
Eberhard Tod (Background vocals on 1)
La Peste noire (viola on 1, violin on 2)
Both courtesy of :Solitude Ravencrow:
Frank Incense (bass guitar on 5 and 9)
Courtesy of Holy Orange
Recorded by Christian Bethge at RAMA Studio, Mannheim (1, 2, and 9)
Additional recordings at Somewhere in Europe Studio.

Artwork: “The Elements” collages by Nadine Demmler
Photos: Danilo Vogt, the bands
Layout: Danilo Vogt / artmaniax, mainz

Nadine, Danilo, Carsten, the Freund Family, the Stiglegger Family, David, our guest musicians, all dedicated concert bookers, our dedicated fans – seekers forever.



all rights reserved


Mars Mainz, Germany

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Track Name: The Seeker Divine
A Seeker Divine
(Marcus S., 2006)

From the Waste Land
To the Land of Plenty
From the Rites of Spring
To the Holy Communion
From the Fisher King
To Dagobert II

All Seekers were longing for the Grail
All Seekers were searching in vain

From Parcival
To Otto Rahn
From Golgatha
To Montségur
From Jerusalem
To Camelot

All Seekers were longing for the Grail
All Seekers were searching in vain

When the thunder speaks
And Thor is unleashed
When the Waste Land rots
And Wisdom is gone
We shall reach ever more
For the Chalice of Life

All Seekers were longing for the Light
But all of them were lost in the Night
Track Name: Rest of Your Hope
Rest of Your Hope
(Oliver F., 2013)

You lay down
the rest of your hope
Sleep in Autumns bed

You lay down
the rest of your love
sleep in midnights arms

Hearts are unforgiven
if they bleed too much
Hearts are stone
and eyes are frozen

Eyes from the past
they are watching

This is no time
where the wounded
take their stand
this is not a time
where heroes are born
Track Name: The Pyres
The Pyres
(Marcus S., 2014)

And we gathered in the evening
Collecting wood from the trees
In honour of the old gods
In the eyes of the beasts

And we danced and drank the nectar
Celebrated the sacred rites
We saw there was no escape from
The shadows of the gods

In the sunrise’ first gleaming
We erected the runic tree
In the honour of our father
The wandering god with one eye

Here we stand
amidst the pyres
The warming fires
The burning ashes of life
Track Name: Whispers
(Oliver F., 2013)

Suddenly she stood before me
A look and she was away
She was away
She was away

Suddenly she stood before me
I wanted to kiss her lips
But she was gone
But she was gone

In the woods I saw her shadow
In the woods I never felt alone
Where are the ghost when you need’em
Where are the ghost when you need’em

The streets seem empty
Her footsteps are gone
Where has she gone
Where has she gone

The Spirits whispered behind my back
Love will lead you to death
Love is the devils name
Love is a sacrifice of blood and soul
Track Name: Lore of the Seeker
The Lore of the Seeker
(Marcus S., 2016)

When we walked amongst the ruins
When we rode that ugly beast
We were crossing through the valley
To escape the crowd's old feast

When we crossed the highest mountain
Where we crushed the corpses' bones
We were born of Freya's fountain
We were children of the moon

Build a cabin in the woods
Get away from the crowd
We are brothers of the earth
We are catchers of the clouds

Reaping the runes of life
Reaping the runes of death
This is the Lore of the Seeker
This is the Lore of the Seeker
Track Name: Farewell to the Sun
Farwell to the Sun
(Marcus S., Oliver F., 2015)

From the Heart of Darkness
A force awakens
For one life given
Another one dies

The Runes they tell it
The Sun dies brightly
From the fading colours
A storm will rise

The song of the Wolves
Speaks of Glory and Burden
The evergreen Tree
Will prevail for sure

The rivers run darker
The flowers grow lower
The woods are in sorrow
Our hope seems in vein

Farewell to the Sun
Farewell to the King
Farewell to the Sun
The rising Sun
Track Name: Fires in Emptiness
Fires in Emptiness
(Oliver F., 2015)

It is this one moment in time
Vanishing in bruning light

High priests of Serenity
Carving Worms under your Skin

If I can‘t hold your hand forever
If I can‘t touch your soul in this one moment

Sometimes we can‘t keep away the cold
And the fires of our longing don‘t burn enough to warm our heart.

It is this one moment in time
Vanishing in bruning light

Sometimes we can‘t keep away the cold
And the fires of our longing don‘t burn enough to warm our heart.
Track Name: Revelations
(Oliver F., 2015)

Not to run when you are trembling
is a goal not achieved by many

When the light can‘ break
Through the clouds anymore
It‘s time to reveal
What was hidden so long

He went out to settle his debt
Blood on the streets

Desperate crying is a symphony to his ears
It‘s all about choosing
It‘s all about choosing

It is your choice
It is your choice
Track Name: Raven's Eyes
Raven’s Eyes
(Oliver F., 2015)

Whispers all around
that were unspoken

Und the ravens eyes
we creep in light
under the ravens eyes
we live in darkness

My eyes flatter
the hunters arrived
my mind tumbles
i feel the collapse

our doomed souls
were born under the moon
our doomed souls
were forged in pain

under the ravens eyes
I see the light
under the ravens eyes
I feel free

stand up again
no brothers
no men
hatred floods the street
ready to kill and die

under the ravens eyes
we fulfill destiny
under the ravens eyes
we overcome life

A graveyard soul
knows blood & spoil
a graveyard soul
knows fire and pain
Track Name: A Wooden Idol
A Wooden Idol
(Arthur Desmond, 1890)

Life is strife for every man
For every son of Thunder
Then be a lion, not a lamb,
And don’t be trampled under

A painted idol on a tree,
Dripping tears and gore
A painted idol is to me,
And it is nothing more

Carve a wooden image fine,
And cover it with paint
Straightaway it’s a sacred thing
A goddess, savior, saint.

Live and love and take and give
And laugh and fight and sigh
For, it’s all there’ of life to live
And all of death to die
Track Name: In the Balance
In the Balance
(Oliver F., 2015)

When the forest hugs me with its silence
Reality leaves me
Fear lies behind me
No pain
but also no forgiveness

In the balance we reach deep
In the balance we reach deep
beyond our own blood
into the realm of gods
Track Name: Prayer to Odhinn